Green Party elects first candidates for Telford and The Wrekin

28 January 2015

First candidates for Telford and The Wrekin

Telford and Wrekin Green Party has elected its first candidates. Cath Edwards will stand in The Wrekin and Peter Hawkins will stand in Telford.

Peter Hawkins and Cath Edwards

The pair were elected unanimously at the last group's last meeting on January 20.

Cath said: “We want to give people in Telford and The Wrekin the opportunity to vote Green – for many people this will be their first chance. A lot of people are tired of the traditional parties in fact a lot of people have given up voting entirely. We want people to learn about the Green Party and our policies and we hope to persuade them back to the ballot box on May 7.”

Peter said: "Telford is the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, in a way that's also the starting point for the green movement, so it's great that the party finally has a candidate here."

Telford and Wrekin Green Party is also fielding six candidates at the local elections. However, with its recent increase in size, it hopes more members will be interested in putting themselves forward.

Peter added: "I want to see proper leadership in the development of Telford, putting the town at the forefront of sustainable community planning, not the reflexive carpeting of green spaces by developers that we currently have. 

"Telford has been let down locally and nationally by planning rules that let developers call the shots and not the local authority. We will seek to change this."

The Green Party is the only party to advocate returning the railways to national ownership, an outright ban on fracking, strict policies on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increased powers to local authorities to organise their affairs.

If you are a local group and would like to know more about the candidates and the party, please get in touch.

You can follow Peter Hawkins on Twitter @PeterH_Greens and Cath Edwards on @candsedwards